Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory body that assists the Pastor and the Pastoral Team in discerning the pastoral needs and long term goals of the community. It operates on a consensual basis through prayer, discussion and by seeking expert advice when required. Recommendations, suggestions and concerns are brought to Council through the standing committee structure.

Parish Pastoral Council is made up of the Pastor and eight elected or selected members. The Council works closely with the Finance Council on matters of finance and policy, as well as with the Pastoral Team on issues such as long term development and parish policies.

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month (except July and August) at 7:00 pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend. In addition an executive meeting made up of the Pastor, chair, vice-chair and secretary meet on the Thursday preceding the board meeting.

If you are interested in ensuring the pastoral needs of the parish are being met, please consider putting your name forward for election. Elections are usually held in May of each year; nominations are open to baptized parishioners 16 years of age or older.