Neighbours Helping Neighbours - Training in November

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Club 55+ is organizing a new initiative in the parish - Neighbours Helping Neighbours, a seniors' ministry. The program begins with a series of training sessions. The series gives participants an opportunity to grow skills they may be practicing now or believe will soon be needed in the near future with aging family, friends and neighbours!

The training sessions run on four consecutive Monday morning in the Parish Hall: November 9, 16, 23 and 30, from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

All interested parishioners are invited to call Fran Hadley at 613-737-5226 or Myrnah Vullings at 613-737-0755 to reserve a seat or for further details.

Nov 9 NEIGHBOURS HELPING NEIGHBOURS is a programme to encourage friends and neighbours to feel comfortable and capable when offering help to family caregivers who need time away for a break in the care and to replenish your energy.
Nov 16 ACTIVE LISTENING is the ability to understand another person's feelings. Building a trusting relationship by listening with your whole body, eye contact and body language. Verna Nuttall, Administrator of the Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program presents this session.
Nov 23 SPIRITUALITY is part and parcel of being human. It gives one greater meaning to life. This is often expressed as religion or relationship with God, but it can also refer to other things: nature, belief in goodness and community.
Nov 30 COMMUNITY RESOURCES FOR CAREGIVERS, where the City Health Department will present a range of public and private services and sources of information to help caregivers deal with several challenges.

The four sessions conclude with an exchange between participants regarding their experience in meeting the challenges of caregiving discussed during these sessions.