Fr Dominic Installed as Parochial Administrator

Fr Dominic installed as Parochial Administrator

In a moving and instructive ceremony during the 9:30 Mass on August 14, 2016, Fr Dominic Jose, CMF, was installed as Parochial Administrator of Holy Cross Parish by Fr Geoffrey Kerslake, Epsicopal Vicar of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

Prior to the installation ceremony, Tom Flynn, Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council, read the proclamation from Archbishop Terrance Predergast, appointing Fr Dominic to his new position.

Fr Kerslake then led Fr Dominic to several locations in the church, proclaiming his responsibilities at each location. At the entrance, Fr Dominic was reminded: "Here at the entrance to the church, when life on earth has come to an end and the Lord calls his people into eternity, you will offer the consoling rites of the Church for the living and the dead, and will accompany them to their graves, laying them to rest with loving prayer."

At the altar, Fr Kerslake proclaimed: "Here at the altar, the table of the Eucharist you will gather the members of this community to unite their voices in grateful praise and prayer. From this holy altar you will nourish them with the bread of life and the cup of salvation."

Other stations visited during the ceremony included the reconciliation room, the Tabernacle, the Baptismal font, the ambo, the presider's chair and the front of the altar. Fr Dominic then repeated the vows he had made at his ordination to the priesthood.

Parishioners applauded Fr Dominic's appointment as Parochial Administrator and joined him after Mass at a reception in the parish hall.

Fr Kerslake and Fr Dominic at the entrance
Fr Kerslake and Fr Dominic
Fr Kerslake celebrating Mass
Reception after installation of Fr Dominic as parochial administrator