Parish History

In the early 1960’s a number of new subdivisions opened in the area of Ottawa South near Mooney’s Bay. Although the population had been well served by the bilingual parish of St. Thomas d’Aquin, the growing population made changes necessary. Those involved in the Christian Family Movement provided the leadership for a survey of the area in 1964 and followed through with the plans for a new parish.

From the beginning, Holy Cross has been distinguished by its lay ministry. It was the laity which investigated suitable land for the future church building, rectory and parking lot and recommended the purchase of the property at Walkley and Springland and then interviewed architects to discuss and review plans.

On September 14, 1966 (the feast of the Triumph of the Cross), Archbishop Lemieux made the announcement of the formation of this new parish, to be followed a few weeks later by the official decree and the appointment of Fr. Francis French as the pastor. Sunday Mass was celebrated in a Confederation Heights government cafeteria and weekday Masses in homes until the new building was occupied. The first Mass was celebrated on March 23, 1969. The unique roof design makes it a landmark building in the area and the floor plan facilitates an active involvement of the assembly in the liturgy.

Since the beginning, Holy Cross parishioners have sought to express their faith in creative and concrete ways. There has been openness to a variety of liturgical expressions and ministries. A relationship was entered into with a Barrio El Recreo in Managua, Nicaragua about 1981 and has resulted in a number of supportive projects and visits by parishioners. Today regular email messages keep the community abreast of what is happening in our ‘sister community’.

Holy Cross parish was also innovative by installing an elevator and making the facility accessible to people with disabilities. Under the parish leadership, three homes (1982, ‘85 and ‘91) were formed to welcome those previously institutionalized persons.

The many activities of the parish have made it necessary to convert the original rectory into meeting rooms and office space and to purchase a residence for the pastor serving the parish.

Pastors and Assistants

Msgr. Francis French 1966 - 1974
Rev. Barry McGrory 1974 - 1986
Rev. Corbin Eddy 1986 - 1987
Rev. Gerry Pocock 1987 - 1990
Rev. Thomas A. Riopelle 1990 - 1995
Rev. C. Ross Finlan 1995 - 2002
Rev. Donald A. Tuori 2002 - 2004
Rev. James Raphel, C.M.F. 2004 - 2016
Rev. Dominic Jose, C.M.F. 2016 - 2017
Rev. Lukose Kochupurackal, C.M.F. 2017 - Present
Associate Pastors
Rev. Basil Smith 19xx - 19xx
Rev. Darryl Kennedy 1976 - 1977
Rev. Michael Wright 1982 - 1983
Rev. Frank Brewer 198x - 198x
Rev. Joseph H. Leclair 1988 - 1990
Rev. Mark Slatter 1991 - 1992
Most Rev. Alphonsus L. Penney 1996 - 1998
Rev. Tim McCauley 2003 - 2004
Rev. Lukose Kochupurackal, C.M.F. 2004 - 2011
Rev. Gilles Njobam, C.M.F. 2013 - 2015
Robert Birch 1994 - 1995
Bruce McLeod 2003 - 2009
John Kennedy 1995 - 2001, 2006 - Present